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Facts on Eye Allergies Symptoms Relief Cure Home Remedy Treatment

Facts on Eye Allergies Symptoms Relief Cure Home Remedy Treatment
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    Today, one of the most common problems and hard to deal with among allergies is an eye problems. In which many people have to face in general by being exposed to toxic chemicals in the air and pollution. You may find a symptoms of eye allergies noticeably. Which includes watery and itchy scratchy eyes.

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    They may be sore and swollen too. You would know that a serious symptom of allergies when your eyes are tremendously itching. Usually, both eyes are affected with this problem. However, one eye may be much worse than the other.

    Facts on Eye Allergies Symptoms Relief Cure Home Remedy Treatment

    What Causes Eye Allergies Symptoms

    During the season of Spring and Summer, eye allergies is one of the most common problems. A person may suffer from severe itching eyes. It is normally acquired, such as walking on grass field, dust in the air and even pollution from the traffic. Additionally, even pollen from flowers present in the air can cause eye allergies. Another thing are chemical compounds that are found from, make-up, perfume, smoke and even scented candles.

    So, for those people suffering from moderate to severe case or conjunctivitis. Consequently, you must have the knowledge on how severe it could lead into. By continuing to read facts about eye allergies in this article. We will provide useful insights about eye allergy and solution to treat this condition.

    What Does Eye Allergies Look Like

    If you are wondering, what do eye allergies look like, please refer to the image below for further comparison. If it is not an eye allergy as you think it was. You can check our other article about eye related problems and condition to figure out and find the right diagnosis.

    What Does Eye Allergies Look Like

    How Long Does Eye Allergies Last

    During the Spring and Summer season where pollen are abundant in the air. It may take 4 to 8 weeks for children. While it could be less for adults around 1 to 3 weeks depending on what element contaminates your eyes.

    Cure Solution Prevention Relief for Eye Allergies

    We know how painful eye allergies can be. And we feel uncomfortable dealing with it all day. It keeps us from doing our regular task. As well as it affects our vision and sense of sight in worst cases. So, we are present 5 Cure Solution and Relief for Eye Allergies. When outside, you could use accessories such as gloves for Raynaud’s or arhtitis which keeps hands warm and unsanitized.

    1. Apply Cold Compress or Cucumber

    Safety and prevention is always better than cure. But, if your eyes are already infected from these harmful elements. We recommend that we reduce the intensity of the itching and soreness. So, the best way is to apply a cold compress.

    Cucumber is good for the eyes

    In this method, you can use an absorbent cool cloth over your eyes.  Then, use and add some ice packs over it to lessen the itch of your swollen eyes. From some experiences, it is said that using cucumber is effective. By refrigerated and sliced cucumbers can help to reduce the soreness. As well as it contains a source of antioxidant properties.

    2. Use Over the Counter Eye Drops and Medicines

    Another best way to reduce the soreness in eyes almost immediately is to use artificial eye drops. These are easily available over the counter, in almost every pharmacy store around your area. Using them a few times a day can keep the eyes to be cleansed and refreshed. As well as to keep them away from being dry. Below are some suggested medicines.

    Over the counter eye drops medicines

    • Decongestant eye drops such as Visine-A, Vasocon, and Albalon
    • Antihistamine eye drops for recurring eye allergies Opcon-A & Naphcon-A
    • Artificial Tears eye rinse available at pharmaceutical store like Walgreens

    Oral Medicines

    • Claritin
    • Zyrtec 

    Prescription may be needed for the following

    • Anti-inflammatory for severe eye allergy eye drops Acular LS and Acuvail
    • Mast cell stabilizers for starting eye allergies Alamast, Crolom, Alomide, and Alocril

    It’s a fact that tear film can greatly lessen allergy issues, so if you make a habit of using artificial tears, it would certainly help sweep away particles and other allergens away from eyes. In some emergencies, consult your Optometrist who would suggest proper guidance allergy eye drops.

    3. Wear Sunglasses to prevent contamination

    These days, the common cause are the pollens and other allergens that make our eyes cause allergic reaction. Therefore, it is crucial for us to wear protection through the use of proper sunglasses. When you decide to go to any place where there are chances of eye contamination. Wearing sunglasses will also assist in decreasing the chances and intensity of allergens, which could easily enter our eyes.

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    4. Dispose old contact lenses

    It has been found that people who wear old contact lenses face more allergy issues. Rather than those using prescription glasses. Due to the fact that since there is more chance that dust and other particles easily enter the eyes. It could also lead to possible bacterial or viral contamination for regularly used contact lenses.

    We must habitually make use of eyeglasses to protect our vision when inside our house. Try to limit the use of contact lenses just by wearing them when going outside. Using a good quality eyeglasses is another best possible way to protect your eyes against harmful elements. During these days, there are extremely high quality lenses being offered in order to safeguard your eyes from external allergens.

    5. Try To Keep Windows Closed

    Well, you can’t have this option all the time, because we cannot stay inside our house at all times. Hence, you can try keeping the windows of the room and cars closed if it is too windy outside. This in order to keep the room anti-pollutant. Especially keeping away from pollens during Summer and Spring season.

    So, the best way is to keep the environment away from dust and pollution from possible outdoor allergens. It is highly advisable by the experts to keep the windows of the house closed during these times. Also, regularly clean the filter of air humidifiers. This is to get rid of contaminants building up and be more harmful if neglected.

    Additional Facts

    Do you need more information about eye allergies? If you feel that the problem may not be an eye allergy related condition. It is best to diagnose and find the right treatment. Check out our related article about other eye problems.

    What To Do In Emergency of Severe Eye Allergies?

    On worst case scenario, please seek attention immediately. Apply cold compress and visit your nearest optometrist for medical attention. Do not wait any further as it may lead to serious implications. Because our eyes are very important and one of the 5 vital senses that we use everyday.

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    Facts on Eye Allergies Symptoms and Relief Cure Home Remedy Treatment Overview

    The best way to prevent eye allergies is wearing sunglasses. This is proven and the best preventive method to keep away from allergens like dust, pollen and pollution. So, wear high quality sunglasses to protect your eyes especially when outdoors.