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5 reasons why Glasses are better than Contact Lens

Best 5 Reasons Why Glasses Are Better Than Contact Lens
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    A lot of people still believes Glasses are better than Contact Lens. If we compare both glasses and Contact Lenses have their Pros and Cons. So, we can’t blame them. While, wearing them is a matter of preference and choice.

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    top 5 reasons why Glasses are better than Contact Lens

    Here are some of the Pros and Cons

    Let us take a quick recap of the advantages and disadvantages between your eye glasses and your contact lenses. Here are some few points among our list.

    Glasses Pros

    • Easy wear
    • Low maintenance

    Glasses Cons

    • Get stains like sweat
    • Broken when drop

    Contact Lens Pros

    • Feels natural
    • Non staining

    Contact Lens Cons

    • High maintenance
    • Uneasy to wear

    List of why Glasses are better than Contact Lens

    Here are the top 5 reasons why Glasses are better than Contact Lens

    Napping is Easy

    So, has anyone experience being sleepy. While, wearing your contact lenses? Very inconvenient right? But, because you have to worry on how to sleep without your contacts. Otherwise, if you do, you could wake up with pink eyes. Or your contact lenses dried up and pack into the deepes corner of your eyes

    Hence, it’s a a good thing for people wearing eyeglasses. They don’t have to worry about this scenario. Futhermore, they can just sleep and rest their head wherever they want.

    Morning schedule

    Second, among the reasons why glasses are a better choice. When we wake up in the morning. Most of us are still feeling lazy. But, we have to do some important things. Putting on your contact lenses can consume more time.

    Unlike for eyeglasses, it’s just a matter of 1-2 seconds to wear them on. So, that is why people usually prefer to wear glasses when they are at home.

    Chaotic Makeup Cover

    Most women can’t leave the house without having their make up on. Consequently, for career oriented women. A quick make up is an advantage especially for urgent meetings. However, if you are to put your eye mascara on or an eyeliner perhaps. While, in a hurry can be a disaster like unbalance lining or one side darker than the other.

    Make up cover with eyeglasses

    However, for girls who have their glasses with them. They would usually use them as a cover up those flaws. It can easily hide those shameful distribution.

    Light Packing Travel

    During sudden decision of going out. Or for those people who prefer light packing during a vacation. So, bringing your contact lenses could be a hassle. But, because you would have to consider bringing your case, dropper and solution. While, we know that airport staffs can be too cautious about bringing any liquid onboard. So, you might end up leaving them upon check out.

    Luckily, if you decide to just bring your eyeglasses. It can be pack easily along with your clothers, hand carry or even hook them around your collar. So, it’s more convenient choice for light packer travellers.

    Easy to wear

    Like the entire “resting” issue, glasses are only much more convenient than contact lenses. You don’t need to stress over dry or bothered eyes. Also, they’re a lot quicker and simpler to put on ortake off than contacts. So, for somebody who regularly has stuffed days with both reading for quite a long time yet.

    Easy to wear on eyeglasses daily

    Additionally, hopping on a bicycle and checking another pair in town. Hence, glasses are considerably more adaptable and agreeable for me. Furthermore, apart from these reasons. There are a lot of top choices why people prefer glasses over contacts.

    Summary why Glasses are better than Contact Lens

    The ideal pair of glasses can be your best and most complimenting extra, and there are times when I would prefer to wear my glasses only for the stylish of it! What’s more, in case you’re stressed whether you’ll have the option to draw off your preferred cosmetics look while wearing glasses-don’t stress, you certainly can (however look at this article in the event that you need a few hints!). In case you’re persuaded that glasses are currently for you, and you’re searching for some crisp new edges, at that point here are a couple of my top choices that truly increase the value of any look.