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Durable Protection of Hard Case Sunglasses

Hard Case Sunglasses
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    Hard Case Sunglasses
    Hard Case Sunglasses

    Hard Case Sunglasses: A Durable Protection for Sunglasses

    Did you know that the sun gives off harmful rays that can cause permanent damages to our eyes? That is why, our sunglasses provide us protection to save our vision. Overexposure to UV rays can cause retinal damage, pinguecula, and photokeratitis.

            Quick overview: Why is UV Rays Harmful?

    The main source of the UV rays is sunlight. It is the violet portion of the light   spectrum. It emits the strongest sun rays at 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. However, this is not the only time that you should protect your glasses. There are three types of UV rays:

    • UVA has the longest wavelength that can pass through a glass
    • UVB is the most dangerous UV rays that does not go through a glass but it can damage the eyes and skin.
    • UVC is the ray that cannot enter the Earth because of the atmosphere.

    You should have your own sunglasses to prevent these harmful UV rays from affecting your eyes. Go for a sunglass that provides 99 to 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays.

    Sunglasses has surely given us an adequate protection for us to enjoy our sight. It is a necessity to have one. In looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, you invest an ample of time. At times, we get attached to our personal items.

    It will be heartbreaking to damage your sunglasses, you have to handle it with care. Sunglasses protection requires effort and discipline to keep it in a good condition.

    What are the common cause of damaged sunglasses?

    It is frustrating to have a broken sunglasses. Here are the common situations that can cause a broken sunglasses.

    • Putting your sunglasses on your head.

    Statistics have shown that an American can lose 6 pairs of sunglasses a year. This is the common reason why your glasses are lost. When you put it on your head,it has a high chance of falling and you may not notice it.

    • Carrying the sunglasses in a bag or purse.

    You might be unaware of what you have in your bag or purse, keys and other items may cause scratches on the lenses. It is better to have a durable hard case shell for the sunglasses.

    • Break them

    Sometimes we get preoccupied with the tasks that we do that we do not notice that our glasses fell or you might accidentally sit on it. Moreover, sports sunglasses are highly susceptible to breaks.

    We recommend you to have a spare glasses and a hard case sunglasses. These situations can be prevented or avoided, but these can happen unexpectedly. However, we have listed some guide on how on sunglasses protection.

    Cracked Frame
    Cracked Frame

        Sunglasses Protection: A Guide to Make It Last

    1. Put it on and off gently. You have to be sure that the temples are not bent or stretched.
    2. Do not place your sunglasses directly inside your bag without putting it in a durable hard case shell. If you do not have an available hard case sunglasses, cover the lens with microfiber cleaning cloth.
    3. Gentle solutions designed for the lens is recommended to clean for the lenses. Do not directly apply it to the lens, put it on a microfiber cloth. Moreover, you can use lukewarm water and PH-neutral liquid soap. Do not expose the drill holes or screw holes constantly it can cause rust in the long term.
    4. When cleaning the frames, hold the glasses on the side of frame to prevent it from warping or breakage of the frames.
    5. Personal hygiene is highly a must! Wipe and clean the nose pads and frames to remove greasy substances that allows your glasses to slip.
    6. Do not wipe the lens when it is dry, the dust and particles can cause scratch on the lens.
    7. Do not use paper towels, it may be soft on your skin, but it can cause scratch the lens. Use the microfiber cloth.
    8. When at the beach, bring your hard case sunglasses. Put your sunglasses under the durable hard case shell because exposure to sea water and sand causes major damages to your lenses. Salt water causes irreversible damage to the metal and anti-reflective coating, and the sand causes scratch to the lenses.
    9. Do not put your sunglasses everywhere, and do not put it face down. Place it in a durable hard case shell for safety.
    10. Another sunglasses protection tip is, do not expose your sunglasses to excessive heat. It can distort the frame.

    What is the best case for your sunglasses?

    Aside from reckless use of sunglasses, not using a durable hard case shell causes damage to the lenses. I bet, by this time you know how important to sunglass protection is. We have to be essentially careful in cleaning and putting away our sunglasses because it is the primary solution to prevent eye damages.

    EVA Semi Hard Case
    EVA Semi Hard Case

    Squeeze Top Glasses Soft Case

    This type of glasses case is lightweight and durable. It does not weigh down inside your bag and it can provide an adequate protection for your eyewear. However, it cannot accommodate large type of glasses, and it does not provide an ultimate protection. Your glasses can still break if you sit on the case.

    Microfiber Drawstring Pouch

    These drawstring pouch are made with microfiber that prevents scratches on the lenses and it can be used as a cleaning cloth. Moreover, it is portable. It is lightweight, you can carry it around with ease. However, just like the squeeze stop soft case, it does not offer an ultimate protection. Your glasses can still break if it will be sat on or dropped.

    Triangular Foldable Rigid Sunglass Case

    This sunglass case has a unique design, when it is not in use it can be folded flat. With its rigidity, it can provide a great protection to your sunglasses. However, it takes up a lot of space when stacked inside the bag because of its triangular shape.

    Soft Rubber-Like Case with Velcro Fastener

    Most of the size and shape of sunglasses can be accommodated by this type of case. It is made from a durable neoprene material and a velcro to fasten and secure the sunglasses from falls. It is portable and not bulky to carry and has a soft texture. However, this case only provides medium protection.

    Sunglasses Protection: Use a Hard Case Sunglasses

    Among the given types of sunglass cases, a hard case sunglasses is the best in providing a durable protection for sunglasses. It has a sturdy built to provide maximum protection.

    Inside the hard case is a soft texture to prevent scratches on the lenses. These sturdy eyeglass case are mostly oblong, oval, clam-shelled, or rectangular in shape. It has a hinge that makes it open like a trunk or chest.

    Although some designs are large enough to be fit in a purse and can be bulky to be carried around, but this is the most recommended case to provide the greatest protection for your sunglasses.

    Hard Case Sunglasses to recommend?

    Blupond EVA Glasses Case

    Blupond does not only offer eyewear but also provides hard case sunglasses for your sunglasses’ protection. It provides the utmost protection for your glasses where you go. The EVA glasses case is designed with style and available in light bluelight pink, all black, and a large gray case.

    Blupond EVA Glasses Case
    Blupond EVA Glasses Case

    How can you say that it provides a durable protection for sunglasses? Simple, it is made from EVA foam. An EVA foam is soft but made with polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It is a smart design that provides durability and strength that can guarantee to provide a long term protection to your sunglasses.

    The details of the design is right for your active lifestyle. It is perfectly fit to protect any style of eyewear without compromising portability. It has belt loop clips, carabiner, and closure. Its design will surely make your sunglasses handy at all times while providing utmost protection.

    Blupond Glass Case Bundle
    Blupond Glass Case Bundle

    When you purchase an EVA glasses case from Blupond, you will have an all-in-one eyewear case solution. It is a bundle at a bargain. The package includes:

    • Microfiber cleaning cloth
    • Waterproof silver bag
    • Hanging hook (car clip holder)
    • Carrying pouch
    • Mini screwdriver

    You do not need to look for other needed items to provide an ultimate sunglasses protection. All of it are given at your convenience. Blupond products are long lasting. It is their priority to provide their customer an utmost satisfaction.

    Conclusion? Hard Case Sunglasses.

    Our glasses can be prescribed by an expert or not, expensive or cheap. But, it is our sole responsibility to provide a durable protection for sunglasses. There are different types of cases, but nothing beats the sunglasses protection given by a durable hard case shell.

    When you purchase an eyewear, do not forget to ask for a eyeglass case. You can also ask and choose from the different types of cases. However, if you were not able to ask or you lost your hard case sunglasses, you can visit Blupond. They have durable hard case shell available for your sunglasses.