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How Long After Cataract Surgery Can You Drive at Night?

To be able to drive after cataract surgery at night back again, allow eyes to recover for at least 10 days or 2 weeks. Follow your eye doctor or surgeon’s advice to resume driving soon.

How Long After Cataract Surgery Can You Drive at Night

Can I Go Back to Drive After Undergoing Cataract Surgery?

In a regular case, a person who undergo post-cataract surgery can resume driving at night about a 14 days after cataract surgical operation. But this may vary depending on the patient, it is important to check with the cataract surgeon before getting behind the wheel back again. The ability to drive again with your eyes is a challenge because of the healing adjustments

How to reduce glare after cataract surgery?

First step is to wear polarized sunglasses with yellow lenses because they reduce the pain of light sensitive eyes which lasts during the recovery period after cataract surgery. Generally, it is safe to drive when you feel comfortable doing so and are able to see well enough to drive safely. Wearing night driving glasses can help drivers to reduce the glare and blurry halo vision from oncoming traffic car headlights.

Wear Fitover Cataract Prescription Eye Glasses

Eyewear like fitovers are a type of sunglasses that are worn over another pair of prescription night glasses. This can be useful for people who have cataracts, as it can help to improve their vision and protect recovering eyes from dust or other elements.

Learn More About Cataract Surgery for Better Vision

Cataract surgery patients must wear glasses with yellow polarized lenses before you leave hospital or after the hours of surgery. For eye care, always clean your both eyes after a month from the surgical date or as adviced by your eye doctors to protect the natural lens of the eyes from debris. Using eye drops can help during recovery period.

Cataracts Leads To Trouble Seeing At Night

One condition that can make driving experience at night more difficult are cataracts. A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, and they can make it harder to see at night. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, cataracts are the main cause of blindness in the United States.

Night Driving After Cataract Surgery

Night Driving After Cataract Surgery

Please be aware that if you drive prematurely after the operation, you may experience double vision against bright light if the healing process is incomplete. Use public transportation for the meantime or ask a friend or relative to drive for you. After cataract removal, opthalmollogist would advice you to wear eyeglasses for safety and eye shield in addition to minimize blurry vision.

Drivers With Cataracts

Cataracts usually develop slowly and painlessly, and many people don’t even realize they have them. Symptoms of cataracts include trouble seeing at night, halos around lights, and difficulty reading or recognizing faces. If you think you might have cataracts, you should see an ophthalmologist for a complete eye exam.

There is no cure for cataracts, but they can be treated with surgery. During surgery, the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. Wearing prescription night driving glasses after cataract surgery can help to improve night vision and make it easier to see on the road in the evening.

What to Expect on Days After Cataract Surgery

What to Expect on Days After Cataract Surgery?

Be patient completely for eyes to heal after laser cataract surgery of intraocular lens to resume other normal activities. Some patients still feel dizzy with the anesthesia after the surgical operation, give it a rest once you get back home and you’ll be fine. The recovery period for sensitivity to light, depth perception and loss of visual acuity could take up to two weeks after surgery with the help of corrective lens.

Follow-up Visit to Eye Center During Recovery Time

Be sure to visit your doctor and schedule your initial post cataract surgery consultation to evaluate your vision to discuss driving permission. They will let you know when the time is right for you to be allowed to drive again.

Author : Sagi Shiffer
Author : Sagi Shiffer

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