How Sunglasses Are Measured?

The way how sunglasses are measured are by the lens width and length. The lens width is measured from the inside edge to the outside edge, while the lens length measures from earpiece to opposite end of temple (inclusive).

3 Ways How Sunglasses Are Measured

The way how sunglasses are measured is nothing like you might expect. In this article, we’ll cover the differences between men’s and women’s eyeglass frame sizes. As well as how to measure your sunglasses for a proper fit. We’ll also give you tips on finding the right sunglasses frame size.

1. Measuring each section on your face

Knowing how to measure face for sunglasses on each portions on your facial features is the way for measuring the width, height, and length. You need to take note the sections like nose bridge size and eyes to ears. As well as forehead to cheek. 

Doing it alone can be hard, so ask help from somebody to take the measurement for you. If there is no one to help and you need the measurement urgently, use the help of a mirror.

2. Measure the basic frame sizes with a ruler

If you know your face measurements, this is an easier method. Using a ruler or a cloth measuring tape, find the measurement of the eye lens size, nose bridge, and temple length. Make an allowance of about 2-5mm excess based from your face measurement.

3. Check an old pair of your glasses or sunglasses

If you want to know your frame measurements, you can check an old pair of your glasses or sunglasses. Or better yet,, bring it with your or send it to someone who will buy the eyewear for you. It can be use to compare the sizes by putting it over into another frame.

How Sunglasses Are Measured

How are glasses measured by different brands?

We have seen a huge variation on how are glasses measured even by each brand. Some brands measure their distance lenses more accurately than others; some may be measuring slightly smaller and narrower than they should be, or perhaps wider and longer than they should be.

One thing that all sunglasses makers seem to agree on however, is that when you buy a high-quality pair of glasses online, it is important to compare measurements carefully before ordering.

Finding the Right Sunglass Size for Me and You

A good way to find the right frame size for you is to go online and look the size chart provided by sunglasses brands. There are also different types of sunglasses frames like aviator, buttterfly, wayfarer, round, rimless, square, oval, semi-rimless, vintage retro, wayfarer, and oversized frames.

What is the difference of frame sizes for Men and Women?

An important difference in frame sizes for men and women is that the height of a man’s frame is taller, and his width tends to be wider than a woman’s. The concept is that it makes men look stronger and more powerful. Whille it means sophistication for women.

measure sunglasses size mm by frame parts

How to measure sunglasses size mm by frame parts?

Learning how to measure sunglasses size mm of eyewear frame is important in order to decide what kind of eyewear you should wear. The frame is a small piece of plastic, metal or glass which connects the distance lenses to the frames that fits on your face.

Eye lens size

  • The eye size is the horizontal width of the lenses.
  • Generally, the eye size of most frames will be 44 to 62 mm.

Bridge width

  • In other words, it’s the “bridge width” of the frame that rests on your nose.
  • The bridge size of most eyeglass frames will be 14 to 24 mm.

Temple length

  • Eyeglass temple size is measured from the hinge of the frame to the end tip of the temple.

How do I know what sunglasses fit my face?

Some people like having big head small face, choosing an eyewear that fits you is hard. For example when buying blue light glasses aviators, consider those with adjustable nose pads. To learn more about finding the perfect style of sunglasses, read our guide and use our chart.

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