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Soft or Hard Sunglasses Case: How to choose?

Soft or Hard Sunglasses Case: How to Choose?

We use our sunglasses to give us protection against the harmful UV rays. As it provides us protection, we also have to give the protection our sunglasses need. Sunglasses case protects your glasses from all kinds of damage. Just like we meticulously choose a new beautiful pair of glasses, we also have to carefully decide on which sunglasses case to purchase. There are sunglasses from designer brands that provide a case with their brand logo or design that matches with their sunglasses.

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What is the difference between soft and hard sunglasses case?

The hard sunglasses case has a tough outer shell that is made with durable metals and plastics that makes it resistant to drops, and a foam interior that keeps the sunglasses protected. The hard sunglasses case is intelligently designed with durability and strength to be able to protect your sunglasses for the long term. Meanwhile, a soft sunglasses case is designed with nylon and other flexible fabrics. Its interior is lined with soft pads to protect the sunglasses.

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However, there are some who do not provide a case for their glasses, thus a need to purchase one. Also, we have to keep an extra sunglasses case because cases can easily be left behind. What sunglasses case do you think is the best choice, soft or hard? You need to have the right sunglasses case to confidently and safely store or transport your sunglasses. However, it can be difficult to choose between a hard sunglasses case or a soft one.

Why hard sunglasses case?

From the description, hard sunglasses provide more protection for your eyewear than soft sunglasses. It is the right choice to provide long term durability and storage for your eyewear. These cases are made with a hard outer shell and interior pads to insulate your sunglasses. The hard sunglasses case is the right choice for long term uses.

When you put your glasses inside a hard case, you will not have any worries. Anywhere it is tucked, it is safely protected with its exterior material. Moreover, you will not even bother if your hard case falls because it is impact resistant, your glasses are safe inside and out. When you are considering buying a hard sunglasses case, you should look for the following features:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Watertight protection
  • Layered foam interior

Why soft sunglasses case?

The soft sunglasses case is convenient to carry around, but it offers less protection. If you have been considering buying a soft sunglasses case, search for these features:

  • It should be made with nylon or ripstop fabric to ensuring durability.
  • Compression straps
  • Lightweight

How about a semi-hard sunglasses case?

The semi-hard sunglasses case is much like hard cases but less bulky. It has a flexible exterior but with durability like the material of a hard sunglasses case, and it has also a firm interior that protects the glasses.

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From the differences discussed between soft or hard sunglasses case, and even an introduction of a semi-hard sunglasses case. It is still your discretion on which type of case you want to purchase. However, we do hope that you will consider the benefits you will get when you protect your glasses with a semi-hard or hard sunglasses case.

Do you own a sunglasses case? Share your experience with us and use the comment section below. If your friend is having a hard time choosing which sunglasses case they have to purchase, share this article with them.

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