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How to get used to progressive lenses

How to get used to progressive lenses
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    If you need more information on how to get use to progressive lenses, look nowhere. Imagine yourself at an age of between 40 or 45. Not now but imagine a time in the future when you would require eyeglasses for all different types of vision problems like far, intermediate and near. Worry not.

    Because, the latest advancement in eye care and lens technology have come up with Progressive Eyeglasses. So, these type of eyeglasses are special type of materials called Progressive Lenses or Varifocal lenses which handles most of your vision problems for far, intermediate and near distances. It also adds the distance. While, takes care of your computer vision problems too.

    How to get used to progressive lenses

    Types of Progressive Lenses

    If you have heard of bifocal and trifocal lenses. So, Progressive EyeGlasses are the latest release version. Both bifocal and trifocal lenses have distinct lines in the lenses. Hence, progressives have no lines on it’s focal point for a smoother, cleaner look. Additionally, the demand for Progressive EyeGlasses has gone up and will continue to do so as many people encounter different problems as they age. But, because we want to see well and look good at the same time.

    Types of Lenses

    Wondering if progressive lenses are right for you?

    So, the answer is that if you are you having trouble seeing objects up close or reading. Then it could be the right time for a visit to your eye doctor. Studies show that ages 35 and above are usually in need of progressive lenses. Some cases for younger age tend to have a medical history of a serious eye condition. So, if you are experiencing problems with your vision at all distances. So, we recommend that it’s time for Progressive EyeGlasses.

    What are Progressive lenses?

    The latest innovation of Progressive EyeGlasses, also known as multifocal lenses, have three different prescriptions in one. So, they are one pair of glasses that corrects all eye problems especially for elderly people. They are also known as no-line bifocals. Also, these kind of multi-functional glasses allows you to see at an average distance like reading or checking your phone. Additionally, middle-distance like browsing the internet on your desktop, and long-distance viewing like sports or driving.

    What are Progressive lenses

    Advantage of Progressive Lenses

    The primary advantage with Progressive Eyeglasses is that it takes care of your three sight problems. Hence, you don’t have to use different Eyeglasses at a time for different vision requirements. So, these Progressive Eyeglasses are way more advance than bifocal or trifocal eyeglasses. Hence, with Progressive Eyeglasses, you would have a special type of lenses with more diopters that offers a much clearer vision for near, intermediate and far distances. So, that your vision problems are solve with just one pair of eyeglasses.

    Adjustment to Progressive Eyeglasses

    You would have to get used to these Progressive Eyeglasses as they have No-Line Varifocals Lenses. So, we would recommend to first try them at home by getting used to them on your daily activities. Consequently, you may then use them outside of your house. Wear them as much as possible. But, because it would help in getting used to them as time goes on. It may be hard at first but as frequent that you’re using them, you would be comfortable with these Progressive Eyeglasses. Take special precaution while driving with your Progressive Eyeglasses as you may feel a bit dizzy if you are not used to them yet..

    Adjustment to Progressive Eyeglasses
    Additional Precaution

    You might also want to take an additional precautions when you are walking down the stairs and looking down while wearing these Progressive Eyeglasses. Additionally, you would need to lower your head as well while looking down. So, you must not lower your eyes on the lenses while looking down. Because you would be looking at the near vision diopters of the lens and may not see the stairs clearly or a bit blurry.

    Vision Improvement

    Progressive lenses are way different in their conversion and they deliver a variety of vision improvement from different distances. So, it’s based from your reading instructions at the bottom. Specialists say that this lens provides a natural method to eyesight improvement as they offer different levels of the correction all over the corrective region of the lens. Hence, progressive lenses may take you some days for you to get used to it. Consequently, before your eyes logically adapt to the right spot on the lens to see through.

    Benefits of Progressive Lenses

    Progressive lenses has become the most popular type of lenses for anyone with presbyopia. Most people start to find the need for multifocal eyeglasses sometime after the age of 40. So, as you age, a normal degeneration and change in the eye called presbyopia reduce our ability to see clearly up close.

    But, because of that, taking advantage of the benefits by wearing progressive lenses will result in a better vision at all different distances. Hence, few of the benefits include providing a wider sight of clear vision at different distances. Moreover the comfort in activewear lenses, and they work well with smaller frames. Progressive lenses also eliminates the skip image that is caused by bifocals and trifocals. While it provides a younger and youthful-looking appearance. Hence, some progressive lenses are available in the form of polarized sunglasses. Which provides anti-glare or UV400 protection especially during summer or if you are mostly outdoors.

    Benefits of Progressive Lenses

    Summary on how to get used to progressive lenses

    While, there are so many amazing benefits brought by progressive lenses or verifocal lenses. Hence, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t make the switch. Moreover, at the beginning these progressive multifocal lenses might take some getting used to them. But, adjusting to progressive lenses might take a few weeks. So, think of it this way, if you have three vision powers in one pair. Then it’s worth the wait and effort. The best way to get comfortable with your new progressive eyeglass lenses is to keep them on whenever possible. Consequently, refrain the urge to switch back and forth between your other glasses. Also, check out our other article on how to understand reading your prescription.