An athlete does not mind the sun’s heat when playing the sport they love. However, it is important to have eye protection for sports. These sports sunglasses protect players from risks of eye damage. Moreover, it is said that the glasses enhance a player’s performance.

Thus, it is essential for an athlete to have appropriate eye protection when engaging in their sports.

Sports participation is highly recommended for a person to be physically fit; to improve their coordination; and enhance their sense of sportsmanship and teamwork, and hone their skills. However, it does not matter if you are a trained athlete or just a sporty person, there is still a chance that you can have an injury. Sports can expose a person to potential injuries, and eye injuries are likely to happen in contact and non-contact sports.

How To Protect Sunglasses From Scratches?

Eye protection for sports has different characteristics from that of regular sunglasses. Sports sunglasses are made in different shapes that are fit for the specific needs of a particular sport. It needs to be properly fit to provide a player with an optimum function. Larger eyewear gives discomfort and compromises the performance of a player. It is recommended that players should have an annual assessment of their sports sunglasses.

These UV protection sports sunglasses are crafted from polycarbonate. It is a durable, scratch-resistant and shatterproof material that fully protects the eyes from UV rays during outdoor activities.

How To Protect Sports Sunglasses?

Each athlete’s eyewear has undergone more wear and tear than any other glasses. These eye protection for sports are expensive, it should be given the utmost level of care to serve its function of protecting your eyes from the UV rays. In protecting sports sunglasses, it needs a good habit and discipline.

There are some who moistens the lens with their breath and wipe the lens with their shirt or a napkin. NO! Avoid doing this, it will further scratch the lens. You see, even in protecting sports sunglasses needs in-depth instruction.

Stained Glasses

When protecting sports sunglasses, you should clean the lens gently and thoroughly. Use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray to achieve a squeaky clean lens! Here are five steps in cleaning the eyewear lenses:

 5 Best Ways To Clean The Lens:

  1. DO NOT use a tissue, your sleeves, or your necktie to clean the lens of your eyewear.  
  2. DO NOT wash the microfiber cloth with warm water that exceeds more than 40 degrees Celsius and DO NOT wash the microfiber cloth with a fabric softener.
  3. Scratches on glasses will not be wiped away. If there are scratches, it is better to replace the lenses. Scratched lenses can irritate the eyes because the light can appear in cosmetics or disperse.
  4. DO NOT put your glasses everywhere. Store it in a hard case. If you do not have a case, look for a safe place and put the glasses with the lens facing upward.
  5. DO NOT expose your glasses to extreme temperatures. When you are not using your sports sunglasses, put it inside its case to prevent it from fluctuating temperatures that can damage the sunglasses’ coating and frame.

Use A Hard Protective Case

Glasses are easily scratched, be sure to store it in a protective case. Always clean the glasses before storing them inside the protective case. Do not place the glasses everywhere with the lens facing down.

What does it take in protecting your sports sunglasses? Well, the more you take good care of it, you will be more able to enjoy your eyewear. It will surely last for a long time. Always put in mind that properly taking care of the lenses increases the longevity of the eyewear and enhances the player’s vision.

Do not forget to bring the cleaning products of your sports sunglasses. Always be ready on the go!

Today, manufacturers have put into the idea that the environmental factors of an athlete’s sports should be taken into consideration to make the most compatible eye protection for sports. Now that you know the basics of protecting sports sunglasses, it is the best time to look for the perfect pair for you!

Why Is Eye Protection For Sports Needed?

Aside from the harmful UV rays reflected by the sun during outdoor activities. There are other incidents that will convince you to have the need of wearing protective eyewear. These incidents include flying objects, performance, pokes, and jabs by elbows or fingers. Statistics have shown that about 40,000 eye injuries reported in-hospital emergencies are sports-related. Serious eye injuries can result in permanent disabilities and the inability to perform essential daily activities.

Moreover, these eye injuries are still present in non-contact sports, like tennis, badminton, and racquetball. There are also instances that the athlete needs a prescription to have a sharper vision.  Aren’t these incidences enough to make a point that sports sunglasses are important? Wearing sports sunglasses is a way to reduce the risk of getting a sports-related eye injury.

These Suggestions Are Highly Recommended For Athletes:

Specific SportsSuggestion for Eye Protection
BaseballAthletes wear faceguard along with an eye guard or eye goggles. Do not worry about the faceguard, it is complete sturdy! It is made of polycarbonate metal or tough plastic.
BasketballIt is recommended for basketball players to use eye goggles. This is important in the event that an elbow or a finger of another player, or the ball will hit the athlete’s eyes.
Soccer and FootballThis is another contact sports, an unprotected eye is potential for serious eye injuries. Soccer players are recommended to wear eye guards, while football players are recommended with a full-face guard.
HockeyA wire mask or full polycarbonate material is recommended for hockey players. This protects their eyes from hits from elbow, pucks, and sticks. It both prevents possible facial and eye injury.
Tennis or RacquetballBalls travel at high speed. Thus, protective goggles should be used in playing racquetball sports.

Now that we all know the importance of eye protection for sports, it is essential to follow the guidelines in protecting sports sunglasses. Protecting it simply makes the eyewear last longer. Having sports glasses does not only enhance your performance but also improves your habit and discipline in taking care of valuable things.

In purchasing UV protection sports sunglasses, there are a few suggestions about its characteristics to provide safety for your eyes. This UV Protection Sports Sunglasses perfectly fits on you. You can use it for different kinds of outdoor activities and sports!

ways how to protect your sports sunglasses

What to do to Keep Sports Sunglasses Longer?

You have to remember that the regular sunglasses or reading sunglasses do not provide the safety needed for each athlete. There are specific sunglasses for each specific sport because different sports need different types of frames. A UV protection sports sunglasses prevent your eyes from eye impairments not just from the UV rays, but also from sports-related injuries. Also, we need to remember that it is important for protecting sports sunglasses

Author : Sagi Shiffer
Author : Sagi Shiffer

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