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National Sunglasses Day

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day
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    Celebrate National Sunglasses Day. So, which means today is the perfect time to learn a glimpse about the importance of sunglasses. Now, let us appreciate what your favorite sunglasses’ role and function for your eyes. But, because they’re more than just adorable accessories.

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    Hence, put on your favorite pair of sunnies even if you’re indoors. So, if Anna Wintour does it, why can’t you? Whether, you’re trying to rock the latest trend of new sunglass model or simply trying to protect your eyes outdoors. Chances are you’re an avid lover of sunglasses.

    When do we celebrate National Sunglasses Day event

    Why celebrate National Sunglasses Day?

    Spreading the awareness on UV protection for our eyes is the main objective. Sharing the information and messages to your friends and social media.

    When is National Sunglasses Day?

    The commemorative day is organize by The Vision Council, celebrating every June 27 of each year. The campaign aims to raise awarenes on protecting our eyes from external elements. Such as harmful UV rays and glares from the sun which leads to different eye damages and illnesses. This is a way to protect our eyes with a twist of fashion sense.

    What are the harmful effects of UV rays?

    So, the UV rays protection awareness is the main objective of this campaign. Let’s the discuss the effects and why is it important to protect eyes from UV rays. To begin with, there are 2 types of UV Rays.

    • UVA rays can impair your core and inner vision.
    • UVB rays can damage the light-sensitive cornea of your eyes.

    While, the result of being exposed to the Sun with no protection for your eyes such as sunglasses can be irreversible. Meaning this may lead to permanent vision impairment. Hence, a few of these effects are retina regeneration, cataracts, corneal sunburn, and the list is endless.

    Differences and effects of UVA and UVB rays
    Difference between UVA and UVB rays

    National Sunglasses Day Celebration

    With the successful previous celebration last June 27 2019. While, having 1.2 billion online comments, social media and broadcast media views. It became a viral and trending topic especially on Twitter and Facebook.

    Join this memorable once in a year event. Simply wear your favorite shades and protect those beautiful eyes of yours. Get out, flaunt your shades and enjoy summer. Capture a selfie and take part on this summer event by sharing hashtag #NationalSunglassesDay.

    Enjoy the Summer Season

    Summer Season means a lot of things for everyone when it comes to fashion. From shorts, florals, bikini and typically less clothing overall. But, Summer also gives fashionable individuals the opportunity to rock one of the best accessories out there. Although, sunglasses are meant for all year round. Who doesn’t love to hang some shades every now and then?

    Enjoy Summer Season at the beach

    Truth is, sunglasses are probably the easiest way to complete a look. Even wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts or jeans can look very stylish.  So, whether you pair some frames with the latest new hair style. Yet, simply use a pair of sunnies as your only form of eye makeup during your lazy days. Also, serves to hide your eyebug when you lack some sleep. Sometimes, all you need is a fab pair of sunglasses and ready to face the world.

    National Sunglasses Day – The Next Celebration!

    Let’s look forward for the next celebration of National Sunglasses Day.
    See you there on June 27 2020 !