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New Golf Rules 2020: Things you need to know

New Golf Rules 2020
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    The rules and regulations of the sports game called golf are based on the guiding principle. This was emphasized on an inside cover of the official publication on the guide of the R&A Rules Limited organization. This is a company created on the “base” located at the Ancient Royal Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland. “Play the ball, how he laid down, play on the field, as it is, if neither one nor the other is possible, act in fairness. Because you need to know everything about the New Rules in 2020 if you are a golf lover.

    New Golf Rules 2020

    Guide Book of the New Golf Rules

    Since these new rules and regulations applied to the international standards of golfing. More golfers are anxious about what the complete principles are. So, in the book called, “A Quick Guide to the New Golf Rules 2020”. It contains the information that you need as a beginner. Playing golf is hard for newbies. Additionally, the rules can be complicated if you just started playing sports.

    The introductory part of this document states that the main book of the Rules serves more to resolve contentious issues in the field, and it is not required to be read. However, every golfer must have basic concepts and a clear understanding of the basic principles for a correct golf game. Therefore, the “Quick Guide to the New Golf Rules 2020” and the “Etiquette” section, which are contained in this publication, are strongly recommended for acquaintance to all, without exception, beginner golfers.

     Below they give the main points that every golfer is obliged to know. And for more information, they recommend that you refer to the official code of practice.

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    According to the main point of the quick start, golfing should proceed correctly. Therefore, every golfer should be familiar not only with the New Golf Rules 2020 and have a clear understanding of golf etiquette.

    Brief Summary of the new Golf Rules

     These are the following New Golf Rules for 2020. Here is the list below.

    1. In particular, each player must respect the other players. He should play at a good pace and be prepared to invite faster groups to overtake. The golfer is obliged to take care of the field, level the bunkers, return the divots to their former place, eliminate the traces of falling balls on greens.
    2. Before starting the round, the athlete is advised to read the Local Rules on the scorecard or the information stand. Remember to put an identification mark on your ball. Many golfers play the same brand of shots, and if you cannot identify your ball, it will be considered lost. Be sure to count your clubs: the maximum number that is allowed to have is 14 pieces.
    3. During the round, do not ask for advice from anyone other than your partner (i.e., a player by your side) or your caddies. Also, you should not advise anyone except your partner. However, the player has the right to ask questions about the Rules, distances, position of obstacles, flag, etc.
    4. Golfers are forbidden to make various training strokes while playing the hole, as well as to use artificial devices or other unusual game equipment unless otherwise specified by local rules.
    5. At the end of the round during the match game, the player must make sure that the match result is fixed. And when playing on the score, you should make sure that the scorecard is wholly drawn up, signed by the player and his marker, and submitted to the Committee as soon as possible immediately after the competition.