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New Sunglasses For 2021: The Trends Of The Year

2021 Fit Over Glasses
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    Sunglasses were once thought of as a dispensable and unnecessary accessory. Now, they have become a permanent, practical item found in almost everyone’s bag. Aside from the protection they provide, sunglasses have become an essential element in our fashion styles. Just like clothing, sunglasses also have trends that come and go. In this list, I will share the hottest and most talked-about new sunglasses for 2021 to help you decide on what your latest pair should be.

    Why are the new sunglasses for 2021 more than just a fashion accessory?

    Yes, we know that sunglasses protect our eyes and help in our visibility. But do you know how they protect these vital body parts?

    Sunglasses keep our eyes healthy by preventing eye diseases caused by sun exposure. When we are under the sun for a long time, the sun’s UV rays can lead to cataracts, and the blue light from the solar spectrum can increase our risk of macular degeneration.

    Did you know that it is widely advised to wear sunglasses even during cloudy days because UV light rays still reach the earth on overcast or cloudy days?

    Sunglasses can also lead to improved, more comfortable vision, offering the wearer fewer migraines or bad headaches when in bright sunlight. You won’t have to squint! Not squinting also means you lessen your chances of getting wrinkles around the eyes from squinting in the sunlight.

    Lastly, sunglasses provide a physical barrier to protect your eyes from debris, especially if you engage in outdoor activities. Your glasses will deflect, for example, sand when you are on the beach.

    Why are sunglasses more than just a fashion accessory

    What should be your considerations when buying your new sunglasses for 2021?

    Before jumping into the exciting list of trendy sunglasses for 2021, I want to give you some reminders that you should consider when buying your next pair of sunglasses.

    There are two main factors to consider when choosing a pair of sunglasses: style and use.

    Style is very much dependent on your taste. There are eyewear guidelines to follow, such as some facial shapes best suiting specific styles of sunglasses. However, you can wear whatever you want as long as you feel confident and beautiful when wearing them. It all boils down to how you want to look. 

    With that, be aware that your sunglasses, like any other fashion accessory, can make or break your whole ensemble. So be deliberate and purposive when choosing the shades to wear with your outfit.

    The next critical factor to think about is where and when you are going to use these sunglasses. Depending on the activity, make sure that your sunglasses have the appropriate level of protection required for your lifestyle. If you are using your sunglasses during prolonged outdoor activities or under extreme sunny conditions, it is advisable to wear shades that block 100% of incoming UV rays. So, double-check if your sunglasses can do that. Ask the store if you are buying a new pair, or check the labels of those you already have.

    Also, note that darker lenses do not necessarily block UV rays better. The lenses’ color does not determine how much sun rays they can block. They help increase the contrast to help athletes, for example, to see better. It is the same thing for polarized lenses. These lenses cut glare from reflective surfaces like water or pavement, but they do not cut UV rays.

    10 New Sunglass Trends in 2021

    10 New Sunglasses for 2021 Trends

    Now, here is the list of the ten hottest trends in sunglasses for this year. This rundown features some classics that have always been popular but are presented with updates and some redesign. We also have trends that are coming back from previous years. And finally, I included practical styles, like those used in sports and driving.

    1. Retro Oversized Sunglasses

    Super big, super retro, and super chic. Retro oversized sunglasses have been a staple of fashion and dependably stylish throughout the past several years. Their size is useful because they cover your whole eye area. But more importantly, their sheer size, coupled with their design, make them statement pieces.

    These glasses are the first in our 2021 list of new sunglass trends because manufacturers always come up with updates to these oversized square frames.

    For women, I suggest that you throw in a lovely silk scarf when you wear these glasses to complete your retro look.

    2021 Retro Oversized Sunglasses

    2. Classic Aviators 

    Aviators are making a comeback (though for me, they never really left). They are considered timeless, but their popularity has resurged after being prominently featured in various spring runway shows of big fashion brands.

    So if you’ve been keeping your aviator sunglasses inside the closet, it’s now time to bring them out and dust them off — these old sunglasses are making new waves in 2021! 

    And of course, you can always buy a new pair. You can never go wrong with classic aviator designs! But if you want to be a bit more updated, get your hands on the models with a rosy or colored tint.

    2021 Classic Aviators

    3. Rectangle Sunglasses

    Thin rectangle sunglasses will suit you best if you have a more rounded or a diamond-shaped face. These were a staple on the runways in the ’90s and highly favored by supermodels then. Now, they are also making a comeback.

    Many love the streamlined and practical easy-to-wear shape. Rectangle sunglasses can be worn with a casual outfit, as well as a night on the town with your dressier outfits.

    Are these the new sunglasses for you this 2021?

    2021 Rectangle Sunglasses

    4. Square Glasses

    Among all the styles in this list, square sunglasses can give off the most opulent and lavish vibe. After all, this style is ubiquitous in paparazzi shots of famous artists and personalities.

    Aside from their stylishness, they are also very functional because they cover most of the face’s surface area. 

    Wear this pair if you want to feel like a movie star or extra fabulous. You can also put this on if you want to be a bit more inconspicuous since your face gets covered. All eyes will be on you with how unique this style is.

    2021 Square Glasses

    5. Rimless Sunglasses

    If you are feeling cheery and vibrant, this style of glasses would be perfect for you. Rimless sunglasses do not have full frames, so the highlight is the lenses’ cut and color. That is why you will see that rimless sunglasses come in a multitude of colors.

    So, why not grab a couple of new pairs of trendy rimless sunglasses in 2021 so you have a color to match your every mood?

    2021 Rimless Sunglasses

    6. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Many ladies’ go-to glasses are cat-eye Sunglasses. Understandably so: the shape is very feminine and sexy. They are flattering on many face shapes, and you can incorporate them into almost any outfit. They always add a layer of class and finesse to any look. 

    This style is a new trend of sunglasses for 2021 because designers have been coming up with printed and ornately embellished frames that have updated this classic shape.

    You can channel old Hollywood glamour with classic black shades or go bold and beautiful with jeweled frames.

    2021 Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    7. Night Driving Glasses

    Driving at night can be challenging and stressful for many people. The lowered amount of light and the glare from flashing lights, plus other personal and environmental factors, can make it difficult to see. 

    Night driving glasses, as the name suggests, can help you see better when driving at night. They are typically yellow-tinted non-prescription eyeglasses. Some also have a non-reflective coating.

    Glasses of this type come in various styles. Try a couple of them out before choosing the model you feel is most effective in reducing the stress on your eyes when driving in low light levels.

    2021 Night Driving Glasses

    8. Cycling Glasses

    Have you ever seen a professional cyclist in full gear and caught yourself thinking, “that’s a nice pair of sunglasses.” You are not alone. Many of us have been envying these cyclists’ eyewear because of how well-designed and modern-looking they are.

    Good thing you don’t have to be a professional rider to wear a nice pair of cycling glasses. Since being featured in several runway shows, many Hollywood celebrities have begun wearing cycling glasses on their shows and in public.

    Even Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, was once seen wearing cycling glasses… at a wedding! So who says you can’t rock this new sunglass trend in 2021?

    2021 Cycling Glasses

    9. Shield-Style Sunglasses

    If you still want to wear a sporty pair of shades but do not want to go as extreme as wearing cycling sunglasses, you may want to try donning shield-style sunglasses.

    Aside from their athletic vibe, this trend also gives off a very futuristic feel because of its over-the-top size. These face-covering frames have been worn by a-list celebrities, making them even more popular.

    This style comes in various designs, including bright colors and a shiny, reflective finish. But you can always opt for more subdued dark frames with classic ombre lenses.

    2021 Shield-Style Sunglasses

    10. Fit Over Glasses

    If you use prescription glasses, you know how difficult it is to buy and use sunglasses. Fortunately, there has been an increase in the availability of fitover glasses on the market. These are sunglasses that are designed to be worn over regular prescription glasses. You do not have to remove them every time you go under the sun or in a bright room.

    Moreover, this type of glasses is more cost-efficient since they tend to be cheaper than prescription sunglasses (i.e., sunglasses with your corrective prescription built into the lenses).

    2021 Fit Over Glasses

    New Sunglasses for 2021 from 2020

    2020 has been a tumultuous year but sunglasses are here to stay. There’s a shape out there for everyone, and a trend for you to pick up if you want to rock out on your style of new sunglasses for 2021. Sunglasses aren’t just for fashion — they also provide invaluable protection for your eyes, and help you see.