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There is teamwork for each of our team members and unified collaboration. So, wonderful things can be achieved.

Our Team Members

The people behind this site that makes it so successful. Meet our team members.

Anna Peng

Operations Manager

She is the operations manager and handles daily business aspects. Anna Peng is a successful Chinese entrepreneur with extensive experience in online commerce. As well as both importing & exporting of consumer goods. Overall she oversees all projects and different sourcing and logistics processes. Anna is also the general manager for our private label solution for various online selling directories that handles stock and warehouse management for our client entrepreneurs in Asia, Middle East and America.

Meir S Simhi

CEO and Director

He is the CEO of Brand Masters, a multi business company that handles majority of business support and e-commerce Mostly for the region of Asia, Middle East and America. Meir S Simhi is a successful online commerce expert and technological entrepreneur from Israel. He has been active in China since 2007.  Meir hosts an international training program where he teaches entrepreneurs from accross the globe, how to build their own brands and e-commerce business of their own.

Francis B Mangune


He is responsible for the daily maintenance and monitoring of  several websites owned by the company. Francis B Mangune is a freelancer and handles most of the SEO stuff for Google. As well as Content Writing and Basic Graphic Design apart from the Web Development day to day task. Making sure that all the company’s websites are looking good, up and running properly.

Ritesh Pathak


He is our customer support representative and handles logistics by submitting all new orders for procesing. Ritesh has been diligent to answer our customer’s inquiry and pre-sale concerns. He is our friendly team member that has been with the company for quite a long time. He still makes sure of all our customers’ overall satisfaction with our products and services.

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