Do you feel a strain in your eyes while driving? Wear a sunglasses best for driving into the sun for anti glare protection. With polarized lenses you will notice the blinding light coming from LED vehicle lights and find streetlights are reduced? I’ve been going through the same issues, and when I did a bit more research, I found out it can cause vision impairment. 

This digital eye strain is also called Glare Discomfort, coupled with blurred vision, irritated eyes, headaches, and even increased risks for chronic diseases. The blue light emitting from such sources is the causative factor behind these disturbances.

Upon finding these facts, I looked for a solution and found that you can use a yellow TAC anti-glare shield lens while driving at night to reduce glare significantly. 

sunglasses reducing glare while driving

TAC Anti-Glare Shield Lens

These are military-inspired, polarized sports glasses that block damaging UV rays and glare. This improves optical clarity and visibility of different objects against reflective issues. These anti-glare glasses feature lenses having anti-reflective properties that remove any reflections usually seen from the surface of your glasses (on the front and back).

Things To Consider Before Buying Sunglasses Best for Driving

If you face problems while having long drive, that’s because your eyes get extra-sensitive from glare and light. Therefore, you should be considering the following factors before getting a sunglasses best for driving into the sun with anti-glare shield lens:

1. Semi-polarized 

A shield lens with a semi-polarized effect is made to block nearly all harmful wavelengths. 

2. Blue Light Filtration 

 The yellow light helps to dim the glare effect through cutting off harmful blue wavelengths.

3. Durable Material 

The lens’s glass or plastic should be resistant to dust and scratches to provide maximum visibility without any disturbance.

How does the glare affect and damage the eyes?

Blue wavelength coming from LED sources (460 to 1400 nm) easily bypasses the eye’s pupil and causes macular degeneration, which ultimately leads to blindness. Also, the increased sensitivity at night time makes the driver even more susceptible to developing photophobia symptoms.

To cut out the glare at night, a shield lens with a filter for blue light can help you protect from such harmful effects. That is why I started searching for a good product that does the job right, and I found BLUPOND Night Vision Driving Glasses – Knight Visor Mark II.

sunglasses best for driving into the sun
sunglasses best for driving into the sun

What is Knight Visor Mark II?

The Night Vision Driving Glasses TAC Anti-Glare Shield Lens – Knight Visor Mark II is made for balancing between the levels of light needed for clear vision. This way, the risk of getting night blindness is significantly reduced. It is, therefore, ideal for those looking for an anti-glare solution for driving at night. You can also use these at daytime to protect yourself from hazardous UV radiation. 

 If you have to work at night time on laptops and other gadgets, these night vision driving glasses can minimize eye irritability and strain that can result from undue exposure to blue light coming from the LED screens. 

Knight Visor Mark II Best Features 

The anti-glare lens comes with a variety of features, some of which are highlighted below:  

1. Light & Durable Frame 

The frame is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy that are lightweight elements. However, it doesn’t mean they aren’t durable enough because I found the aluminum addition in the frame adding to the frame’s durability.  

2. Shatterproof Lens

The shatterproof lens is made of polycarbonate material that provides excellent protection from cracks. I found that the lens is built in a shape that covers the whole eye area. 

3. Versatility

The best thing I liked about these night vision driving glasses is that they are multipurpose glasses for night time. These include flexible temples, adjustable nose bridge made of rubber, and reinforced hinges, making them comfortable to wear any time.

4. Accessories

What I really appreciate about these TAC Anti-Glare Shield Lens is how the company covers a whole set of accessories that make the shades even more functional and easy to use. 

These accessories include a glasses pouch, screwdrivers for making minor adjustments, a case from the brand, glasses car clip holder for storage, and a microfiber cleaning cloth that clears blurs and reduces the probability of getting scratches on the lens. 

5. Pricing 

The whole set with the glasses comes at an affordable price on Amazon. It is clearly a fair deal compared to most of the other products out there in the market. 

6. Social-Use Proof 

Most people complaining about getting eye strain from long hours of driving at night have put positive reviews of this product. One thing that really made me feel confident about trying this product was knowing that the product is comfortable to use with its light frame.

I found many positive reviews on Amazon and other sites before investing my money in the polarized night driving glasses.

How to effectively reduce glare while driving?

To sum up, I would say sunglasses best for driving into the sun is nothing less than a fresh breeze of relief for people with photophobia symptoms. If you are concerned about your eye health, Knight Visor Mark II – TAC Anti-Glare Shield Lens seems to be a pretty fair option to choose in terms of effectively reduce glare while driving and comfortable wear.

Author : Sagi Shiffer
Author : Sagi Shiffer

"People shop for eyewear to make them look fashionable. But wearing polarized lenses can protect your eyes and look stylish at the same time. At Sunglassky, we aim to provide information about tthe best brands of sunglasses and glasses to buy from Amazon store."

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