Sunglasses for a Big Head or Wide Faces

Larger sunglasses for a big head or wide faces are best to wear. You must consider the lens width and your face shape. If you have a larger head or broad face, finding the right pair of shades can be a challenge.

But don’t worry we’ve got you covered, as there are plenty of choices with our suggestions. Look for sunglasses that are oversized or wrap-around style to help give you the coverage you need. And make sure to try on a few different pairs to find the ones that fit your face best.

Best Sunglasses For Bigger Heads

Best Sunglasses For Bigger Heads

There are a 5 things to look for in oversized sunglasses and features to keep in mind when looking for the best shades for big heads. First, look for frames that are wide enough to comfortably fit your head. Second, check the temple length and width size that are deep enough to cover your eyes completely.

Third, go for the nose pads that have a comfortable fit and that don’t slip down your nose bridge. Fourth, make sure the lenses are large enough to provide plenty of coverage. Fifth, try on a few different pairs to find the best fit that look well on large faces and feel natural on you.

1. BLUPOND Wrap-Around Prescription

The BLUPOND Wrap-Around Prescription is a great way to get the perfect fit for your eyes and optician approved. This pair of sunglasses is an Italian design which ensures that your lenses will stay in place.

There is an adjustable nose pads allowing the wearer to get a comfortable fit. The lenses are also treated with an anti-reflective coating, which helps reduce glare and eye fatigue when driving.

2. Extra Large Aviator Sunglasses

Wearing extra large aviator sunglasses gives sun protection while also looking stylish. The polarized lenses are in variety of colors and styles.

So you can find the perfect pair to match your personal style. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more modern, extra large lens classic aviator sunglasses are a great choice.

3. Oakley Big Head Split Shot

This Oakley Big Head Split Shot sunglasses are designed for those with a larger than average head size. The frames are made of a durable, lightweight material and feature an adjustable nose pad for a custom fit.

The lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and provide 100% UV protection.

4. Oversized Square Sunglasses

Our oversized square sunglasses are all the rage this season among women, and for good reason! Top choice for sunglasses that fit broad faces and provides excellent coverage from the sun, and they look great on everyone.

If you’re looking for a new pair of shades to rock the summer season, be sure to grab a pair of this large rectangular sunglasses for big heads.

5. Ray Ban RB3025 XL Shades

Having Ray Ban RB3025 XL shades are the perfect way to protect your eyes from the sun while still looking stylish. The lenses are large enough to provide full coverage, and the frame is designed to stay in place even when you sweat.

The Ray-Ban nose piece is adjustable so you can get a custom fit, and the ear pieces are padded for comfort.

6. Wide Frame Wayfarer Sunglasses

Did you know that wayfarer are one of the best sunglasses for a big head that were first designed in the 1950s? They have a wide frame and dark lenses, and were popularized by celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and James Dean.

Today, they are still a popular style of sunglasses, with wider frame width. The XL sunglasses are often worn by people who want to make a statement.

7. Costa Del Mar Permit

The company of Costa Del Mar is a well-known brand for big sunglasses. They are especially popular for fishing activities and sportrx boaters, as they provide great glare protection and clarity of vision.

Costa also offers other outdoor products like the best sunglasses for a wide faces that fit larger faces.

8. Broad Face Oversized Glasses

Putting on for broad face oversized glasses have been in fashion for a while now and they are a great way to make a statement.

Sunglasses for large heads that suit your face shape are also very practical and can help you wide enough to fit your angles.

9. Maui Jim Big Wave Sunglasses

Getting Maui Jim Big Wave sunglasses are awesome for those who love the outdoors and spending time in beach activities. When in search for sunglasses that fit big heads or wider face, these are sure to keep your eyes covered from the harmful glare.

Maui Jim is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to sunglasses, so you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product with its larger lens width.

10. 165mm XXL Sunglasses

Men with bigger heads typically have rounder face features, curved chins, and fuller cheeks. On broad, round faces, XXL sunnies look big and bold. Because of to the 165mm frame design adding depth to the delicate facial bone margins.

What is the size of large sunglasses?

Large sunglasses are usually around 110-130 millimetres wide and 40-55 millimetres tall. They are designed to cover a large portion of your face to protect your eyes from the sun. There are oversized versions ranging from 140mm to 145mm in width. Finding the best sunglasses for a big head can be hard at times compared to average sizes.

What is the size of large sunglasses

Women with larger round faces

One of the most common face shapes for women is the round face. It is characterized by full, wide cheeks and a soft, round jawline. While have a large head is considered very feminine in some countries and it can be very flattering. Women with round faces often find that they can pull off a wide variety of hairstyles and makeup looks with virtual try-on.

Men with big heads or wide face

We know how common it is for men to have larger heads and faces particularly in America and Europe. While some people think this makes them more attractive, some studies have shown that men with these features are seen as more dominant and powerful.

It adds up wearing sunglasses for men with big face. There are those who believe which can be a turn-on for some women because it shows masculinity. If you’re attracted to men with big heads or wide faces, there’s no need to feel ashamed – it’s perfectly normal!

Sunglasses for a Big Head or Wide Faces

Conclusion: Amazon Sunglasses for a Big Head or Wide Faces

You can shop on Amazon store to buy larger sunglasses for a big head or wide faces. They offer plenty of styles and various size selection to fit your broad face and larger than average heads. So we are convinced that you can find the perfect pair to fit your needs. The prices are also very reasonable, making them a great value for your money when shopping for sunglasses if you got a big head.

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