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What To Like & Not To Like in Sports Sunglasses?

What To Like & Not To Like In Sports Sunglasses
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    Things about Sports Sunglasses

    Sports Sunglasses
    Sports Sunglasses

    What To Like and Not To Like in a Sports Sunglasses?

    Sunglasses became a staple in every outfit nowadays. So, we need to know things about sunglasses. It brings life to one’s get-up and outfit to look classy and sexy whether men or women and young or adult. Sunglasses are made not only for showcasing fashion. It is also worn to protect one’s eyes from the Ultraviolet (UV) light.

    Today, different kinds of sunglasses came up in the industry which fits the need of every one. Some of those are prescription glasses, fashion glasses, aviator glasses, driving glasses, and sports sunglasses. Yes! There are sunglasses made specifically for those who are into sports whether a newbie or a professional athlete.

    What are Sports Sunglasses?

    Sports Sunglasses often referred to as photochromic or polarized sunglasses. Its tinted eyeglasses provide the best protection and vision. As the weather and sun conditions changes, the lenses adjust to perceive the right amount of light for a better view.

    There are also different sunglasses designed for various sports. It might be motor driving or car racing, biking, running, golfing, and a lot more. These are less of a chic style, but there are fashionable frame styles to choose.

    Things to know about Sports Sunglasses and features

    Knowing the features of the Sports Sunglasses to wear is a necessity. It is good to recognize the characteristics of a pair suitable for an athlete.

    Here are the three features to consider buying Sports Sunglasses:

    Visual Protection and Clarity

    A must-have for all sports enthusiast is having a clear vision. Some with mild vision correction tend to play without glasses or contact lenses. It is quite a hassle as one needs to be dependent on a sharp vision. It is an edge over opponents to have the best eyesight when competing. Bright light may damage the eye which results from the difficulty of seeing.

    Different lens colors like yellow, orange, red, brown, green and gray are perfect for outdoor sports. It helps to enhance contrast and clarity, see objects clearly and assist in a faster reaction.

    Impact-resistant Material

    An essential feature of sports sunglasses is the material used. Most common is polycarbonate to protect eyes, especially from fast-moving objects. It also has built-in Ultraviolet (UV) Protection making it more suitable for outdoor activities.

    Playing sports is quite risky as there are sudden injuries in the eyes mostly poked by fingers or jabbed by the elbow. An impact-resistant sports sunglass also has a feature of scratch-resistant preventing eyes from any graze.

    Perfect Fit

    A sports sunglass must be perfect for an individual. It may not be too small or oversized as it may not be comfortable to the wearer and may not help to protect the eyes.

    A perfect fit sunglasses must be contouring the face makes it work well and safeguard eyes from dust and wind. A rubber cushion, which is in contact with the head and nose bridge, prevents from slipping and gliding.

    Most sunglasses are also intended to fit a helmet worn by athletes.

    Sports Sunglasses is an Athlete Must-Have

    Eyesight is one of the vital senses. It affects both timing and control of the body. It plays an essential success to an athlete because the information collected by the eyes transferred to the brain than to the body.

    Here are a few reasons why an athlete should wear Sports Sunglasses:

    Prevent Blindness

    According to the National Eye Institute, an estimated number of 100,000 physician over the year happened due to an eye injury. Ninety percent of it resulted from a sport-related injury. Physicians advised this may prevent by wearing Sports Sunglasses. Also, parents and coaches must initiate the children and students to wear one.

    Keep Eyes Healthy

    The most significant job of Sports Sunglasses is to prevent the eyes from the sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays. The effects of exposure in direct sunlight are the following:

    • Cataract is the gradual clouding of eyes resulting in blurry vision.
    • Macular Degeneration is the damage to the retina destroying the central vision causing blindness.
    • Skin Cancers around Eyes are benign or malignant lumps that need to be examined by dermatologists.

    Sports Sunglasses should have proper Ultraviolet (UV) protection. With improper Ultraviolet (UV) protection, it can ruin the eyes by artificially creating darkness over the eyes allowing harmful UV lights to enter in the pupil.

    Boost Performance

    Mild to moderate vision correction may affect an athlete’s performance. Sports Sunglasses are specially made to enhance visual performance. It can eliminate the glare from the sun’s brightness. Even with a perfect vision, a good pair also helps to see better and keep the eyes safe. It is an advantage over the competition having a 20/20 vision.

    When to Not Use a Sports Sunglass?

    In some cases, there are reasons why sports sunglasses are not perfect for everyone. And, why one should opt to look for a pair designed for what the sport or situation asked. What to not like in Sports Sunglasses?


    Common sense it is! Using sports sunglasses indoors is a big NO. There is no sunlight indoors, and the tinted lens of the sunglasses makes it difficult to see.


    It is good to wear Sports Sunglasses but, in some instance, it is not. Some sunglasses don’t allow entering sufficient light in the eyes which impairs the visibility of the driver. It is hard to look at some angles and reflects with the car’s dashboard or side mirror.

    Snow Sports

    One should choose the right Sports Sunglasses for the snow sport as the sun can reflect in ice patches making it difficult to visualize clearly. It may cause a dangerous for the athlete.

    Price of Sports Sunglasses

    It is not true that only those that are expensive are high-quality ones. Some stores provide affordable sportswear including sports outfit, sunglasses, and accessories. It is one best investment of an athlete. In addition, check out our tips when buying sports sunglasses.


    Sports Sunglasses is vital to every athlete. Wearing one is considered a serious player. So in choosing the right pair of Sports Sunglasses, make sure to consider checking its features, durability, pros, and cons of using, and its quality versus affordability. Wear Sports Sunglasses that is suitable for its purpose!