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Tips for Buying The Right Sports Sunglasses

Best Tips For Buying The Right Sports Sunglasses
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    What are the practical ways to stay fit? Take a hike on a mountain. Go swimming. Ride a bike with your friends. Go for a jog. Nothing is more exciting than having an outdoor experience by getting the family or friends together. Here are helpful tips when buying sports sunglasses:

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    Sports Sunglasses in Action
    Sports Sunglasses in Action

    Tips for Buying The Right Sports Sunglasses

    Your comfort has an impact on your sports. Several things can be done outside the house to stay fit and healthy. If you opt to participate in outdoor activities such as running or cycling, your eyes can be prone to sun’s rays, flying insects, dust, and other hazards. Equipping yourself with a pair of sunglasses can sustain your performance throughout your activity. Consider these things when Buying The Right Sports Sunglasses.

    Adjustable Fit Sunglasses

    • Face type: People have different face types. For example, Asians have a broader face than people from the West. On the other hand, Europeans have a lean look as opposed to Asians who have higher cheekbones. This is why your top considerations when buying sports sunglasses should include a secure fit. An adjustable fit enables you to feel comfortable throughout the activity, especially during long runs and bike rides.
    • Nose type: People have different nose types. Some individuals have a high nose bridge while others have a broad nose. Some sports eyewear shops offer sunglasses with no adjustment to the nose piece as they are “one size fits all spectacles.” You’re lucky if they fit your head but, what if not? You’ll feel uncomfortable, and your performance in the sporting activity will suffer.
    • Consult the seller: There are lots of available sports sunglasses with adjustable nose piece so the eyewear can fit perfectly on your face. Providing adequate coverage around your eyes will bring you utmost comfort to enjoy your outdoor activities. Find the right one that has this function from reputable shops.

    Good to know: Choose the eyewear that has little to no gap below your eyes for optimal comfort. A proper sports eyewear has adjustable temple arms. Make sure that the sunglasses don’t slip or slide.

    Scratch-Resistant Lenses

    You may have encountered an instance that your eyeglasses get dropped and landed on the ground lens-first because you were busy enjoying your favorite activity. You’ll feel distressed when you see scratches on the lens. Some people use tricks to minimize the look of the scratches on the eyeglasses to get back to tip-top shape. They have these methods:

    • Rubbing cotton ball with silver polish on lenses
    • Cleaning the lenses using toothpaste
    • Rubbing baking soda on lenses
    • Applying vehicle wax on lenses
    • Rubbing furniture spray on lenses

    Take note:  Those methods are only temporary remedies and will not entirely remove the scratches on the lenses.

    When you travel at high speed, your spectacles can get damaged or scratched by small stones, dust, and other particles along the way. It’s essential to choose a pair of sports sunglasses with good scratch-proof lenses to enjoy your activity. It provides uncompromising visual clarity. Most sports spectacles have high-index lenses. Those lenses composed of polycarbonate and high-tech coating can fill in the scratches.

    Best Tip For Buying Sports Sunglasses is with UVA & UVB protection

    Lenses can differ in the degree of protection they provide to counter the dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun that can lead to extensive eye damage such as pinguecula, macular degeneration, cataracts, or sunburns on your cornea. Also, wearing a pair of sports spectacles can protect you from UV rays mirrored by building and other surfaces. During winter, snow can reflect 80 percent of UV rays so investing in sports eyewear will save you in the long run.

    Good to know: Sports sunglasses that are labeled providing 100 % UV protection always work best.

    Anti-reflective Lenses

    Most athletes prefer sunglasses with anti-reflective lenses to avoid danger when performing activities.  Anti-reflective sunglasses can filter UV rays created on surfaces by the sun to remove the glare. Polarized sunglasses allow you to see bolder colors. The lenses work best for water-based sports by letting you look into the water and avoid hurdles like rocks or seaweeds. A pair of sunglasses with anti-reflective lenses is a must-have if you want to go snowboarding or skiing. To avoid hampering your performance, choose this kind of sports eyewear to obtain a crystal clear view.

    Bonus info: Some lenses function well for all light conditions. Photochromic lenses can lighten up in cloudy weather and can darken in the bright environment because they have “transition-like” feature that fine-tunes to UV rays. A pair of sunglasses like this can remove strain in your eyes.

    Lens Color Options

    • Marine lens inland gold: Good for mid to low light conditions, especially underwater
    • Marine lens offshore blue: Perfect to use against the glare coming from the water surface
    • Gray / Black Polarized lenses: Give the wearer a clear view by neutralizing colors
    • Ambers, Browns, and Roses: Best for mid to low light conditions
    • Greens and Blues: Favorite of water-activity enthusiasts

    Fashionable Eyewear

    Together with all the vital considerations, you also want to look appealing to others while enjoying your sporting activities. Having fashionable eyewear boosts your confidence. There is a vast list of various styles and colors to choose from in the market.

    Good to know: Remember to buy beautiful sports sunglasses that complement the shape of your face and suit your taste but should not comprise the performance and safety of your eyes. Your priority should be function first before fashion.

    Remember that whatever sporting activity you prefer to do, it’s vital to protect your eyes.  Keep the list mentioned above before purchasing sports sunglasses to obtain the maximum protection and enhancement that your eyes need.

    One More Thing on Tips For Buying The Right Sports Sunglasses

    Cycling is becoming in-demand to a lot of people because it helps them to stay fit and healthy. Regular cycling can help you to prevent diseases and remain active. There are tons of must-have products that you can purchase to achieve an exciting moment in every sports activity that you would embark on. Finding the right sports accessories and apparel are made accessible through the website. Enhancing your performance will be easy breezy. Finally, you should know how to protect your sunglasses from scratches.