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Are Titan Glasses Not For Women?

Titan Glasses for Women
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    Titan Glasses for Women

    Are Titan Glasses Not For Women?

    We all have hobbies. Different hobbies require different gear. If you are into painting, you would need things like a brush, a canvass, some paint, and more. The same goes for sports. But, different sports means different gear. For example, you won’t wear spike shoes for a basketball game. Or, you won’t play golf in your swimming trunks. But, some accessories transcends a hobby or sports. A good example is glasses.

    Glasses are a versatile tool with two main functions. One is to protect your eyes; two is to help you see better. A good example of such glasses is the Titan Line of Sports Sunglasses from Blupond. Now, don’t let the name fool you, the Titan Sports sunglasses are not just for the active men, but for active women too. These are the kind of eyewear you gift the sporty people in your life. Especially polarized nighttime glasses are helpful for elderly. Let us look at some of the reasons why.

    Blupond Titan Glasses are Built to Persevere with You

    The Titan line is meant not just for sports but also for shooters. With that in mind, these glasses need to be sturdy and also comfortable. For the frame, they are made with reinforced steel. The lens themselves are made from a shatterproof polycarbonate material.

    The frame has a curve design to help grip the user’s head without causing discomfort. These are on reinforced hinges to make sure it lasts. Meanwhile, for the nose bridge Blupond put in black anti-slip nose pads, so your glasses stay on your face even when you sweat. Plus it keeps from reflecting into the glasses, so you don’t get distracted.

    Titan Glasses Keep Things Clear

    As mentioned earlier glasses protect your eyes and help you see better. Titan Glasses do that by employing state of the art lens technology to their glasses. The Mirrored lens variant, of course, provides you with a one-way mirror pair of glasses that adds another layer of protection for your eyes — particularly sand, water, high altitudes, and snow.

    The Mirrored Variant Glasses also have REVO protection, meaning it has 100% UV protection. It also manages blue light filtering in to provide better color contrast. And it keeps out harmful light while letting some that can help your vision.

    As mentioned earlier they come from a polycarbonate material that makes them shatterproof.  Specifically, they are made of a TriAcetate Cellulose material that promises great polarization and visual quality. It protects from UV400 rays that can damage your sight in the long run. Plus, it helps you see better.

    More Than Just a Pair of Glasses

    When you get yourself a pair of Titan Sunglasses, you get much more than just the glasses. A purchase of a pair of Titan Sunglasses gets you the six-piece package. First, it comes in a nice looking Blupond Gift box. Inside, is your glasses, a semi-hard carrying case to protect it, and a carrying pouch for travel. To add to that, you get a special cleaning cloth to keep your glasses in top shape, a mini screwdriver to maintain the hinges, and a clip for car storage.

    Getting this product gets you more than what you expect. Blupond gifts you with a dependable case for it, as well as implements to keep it in the best shape. Now, you might be wondering “if they say the glasses are good. Why do we need a screwdriver?” Simple, nothing in the world is perfect, they may have manufactured some of the best product out there but with constant use is wear and tear. It’s better for you to have something to maintain it, than go buy a new one when the hinges give up.

    Who is Blupond

    Now, let us look at the brand behind the product, who is Blupond? Well for starters they are a brand that wants to bring high-quality sports equipment to athletes at any level. From amateur to professional they got you covered. They even put into consideration the hobbyists and sports enthusiasts. More than just top quality sports accessories, they do their best to provide customers with a full bundle of complementary accessories to give you the most bang for your buck.

    The Core Values of Blupond

    As a brand Blupond also operates a number of core values, first is Top Grade Quality. This means that they ensure that their products are of the best quality for their customers. Each products go through series of tests and quality control checking such whether or not the lens does have the UV Protection, tested for durability and overall quality.

    Next is Customer Happiness. They don’t just provide good products they also strive for great customers service. If you find anything wrong with your purchase, Blupond assures you with their reliable customer service to help you with your concern.

    Finally, there is Affordability. In today’s economy, it is understandable why people would opt for cheap products. But, Blupond believes that quality does not have to be expensive either. They exhausted the technology available to them to be able to craft the best products that anyone can afford. Again, this is a brand that strives to give any level of athlete top-shelf accessories.


    We were carried away by providing the advantages of these titan glasses and kind of drag away from the main topic of this article, but we hope you find them useful. Now, going back, Titan line of sunglasses is for everyone. Blupond made sure to create a product that can be utilized by all kind of athletes at all levels possible. Creating top quality products that won’t break the bank and is sure to last you. Now there are more to Blupond than the Titan Line. They also have the FITOVER, Knight Visor, and Rally lines of eyewear. Go ahead and check them all out, discover what is awaiting you.

    If you are someone who is into outdoor activities be it hiking, biking, shooting, or what have you, you may just find your perfect match at Blupond’s wide range of products? Get quality protection for your eyes and top performance maximizing eyewear thanks to their technology.