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Top Sunglasses for Men

We have selected a list of Top Sunglasses for Men on a separate article. Just like a pair of sneakers and pants, sunglasses are one of those accessories that everybody owns. It isn’t difficult to understand why one needs to have a pair of sunglasses all the time. It’s becoming an essential accessory now as it helps shield your eyes from UV rays. At the same time, sunglasses also help improve one’s style.

Top Sunglasses for Men in 2019

Guide when shopping on Top Sunglasses For Men

When you purchase sunglasses, it’s crucial that you don’t opt for anything cheap. Protecting your eyes may need extra spending for a good pair, but keeping them away from the sun’s radiation is more important. Naturally, you’d choose one that will look good on you, and will suit you aesthetically, but also one that’s appropriate for the shape of your face.

Picking A Sunglasses’ Style

Before looking into 2019’s slickest shades, it’s best to know which set of frames will best suit you. Angular sunglasses are great for those with a round face as the main features are nice soft curves, rounded jawline with the length and width relatively similar. That set of frames will add more definition to a guy’s circular face, and choosing deep colors can help minimize fullness. Gradient lenses are also an ideal choice as this can elongate one’s face. Examples of good colors would be warm caramels as well as tortoiseshell. Thicker frames may also suit a round face but should have wider temples.

Thin sunglasses, either angular or aviator-shaped, will look good on heart-shaped faces. As this shape usually features cheekbones with tapered chin and broad forehead, thinner sunglasses will help balance the chin’s width. Avoiding dark colors for the shades will also help avoid cutting up the line of one’s face. Those with an oval-shaped face, while it’s well-balanced overall, it’s relatively longer than wide. This particular feature of the face should be taken into account when choosing sunglasses, and those that are slightly-squared lenses will look great, as well as oversized lenses like aviators. For this face shape, men should avoid angular ones, like rectangular sunglasses since this can make a face narrower.

Shapes and Trends on Sunglasses for Men

Circular styles or teardrop-shaped sunglasses are ideal for men with square-shaped faces as these lenses can soften defined lines. A defining feature of such face shape is the strong jawline matched with a broad forehead. You can also go for a metal frame as this can also make a face appear with softened details. Single-color frames or just black sunglasses would be flattering as well. Men with this face shape should try to avoid rectangular and square-shaped lenses as this can draw the attention to angles, and could make the head appear shorter.

Vintage Sunglasses Trend

Vintage sunglasses give a 1920s feel, timelessness, combined with a more contemporary edge. For those who want to showcase vintage flair, round-shaped thin metal frames are ideal. These sunglasses can be in rose gold or gold finish.

Aviator sunglasses didn’t begin or end back in the 60s or 70s. Its popularity can be associated with the public’s perception of the military. If you check the sunglasses in different movies back in the 1980s or 1970s, you will notice that it’s usually military men who wear slick aviator shades with some metal rim. They say that vintage finds never get old, and aviator frames can be considered as such.

Minimalist Frames

People are raving about minimalist style these days. Low-key or simple accessories are what the younger generation looks for in terms of coming up with fashionable looks. Minimalistic design tends to be favored by a lot of major designers and celebrities. Expect this to continue in 2019.

Most consumers like this kind of sunglasses since it’s effortless to pair them with casual clothes, and yet remain a perfect accessory during a formal event. You can always try different frames and colors. Another minimalist frame that will remain popular in 2019 is triangle-shaped sunglasses, alongside rimless shades.

Bolder And More Distinct Sunglasses

You can make heads turn when you wear bolder and chunkier sunglasses as these can define the structure of your face. Oversized sunglasses that have thick rims exude a retro nerd vibe, which is currently in fashion lately. While it may look nerdy, these frames will still make you look sophisticated yet even with a bit of being playful. For a polished but understated look, get sunglasses that are in the matte finish. Sunglasses in black and bold rimmed frames can give you a somewhat hipster vibe.

Shades that are making a comeback and will be huge in spring are transparent frames. These sunglasses will be great alternative options, and will also be appropriate in autumn, as long as the colors are not too lush, or are leaning toward blossom hues. Regardless if you are a trendsetter or more on the traditional side, you’ll surely find the right set of sunglasses as long as you know which one best suits the face. There are so-called tortoiseshell shades that look timeless and more sophisticated in terms of designs and color. You can always play around with the frames’ shape to get your desired look.

Choosing Sunglasses

If you feel that your head lacks lines, then you can try round sunglasses. Those frames with horizontal brow-bar are more like an unforgiving round to go. For guys who have round profiles, geometric sunglasses will work for them.  Regardless if it’s a square or a hexagonal one, geometric frames will differentiate one’s self from others.

However, anyone who decides to get such kind of sunglasses must purchase one that’s on the smaller side. A general rule you can observe when purchasing sunglasses is being consistent with choosing a pair that’s wearable on any occasion. However, if you already have the classic ones, you can always get something with color. Current styles have more popping colors and brighter tones, which means it’s really up to you if you prefer something like it for your colored lenses.

Final Words

A good pair of sunglasses is one of those essentials perfect for any season, which makes it a reasonable purchase for everyone this year. Look sharp at any time of the day, keep in mind all the latest trends and what best suits the shape of your face. You may also want to check Top Sports Sunglasses for Women.

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