While playing, wearing sports eyeglasses like in soccer is supposed to be fun. That’s why you wouldn’t want to mess it up with your prescription glasses. It is a fact that high-impact sports and eyeglasses just don’t mix. While glasses are for reading. But, they can really make a great mess out of your performance during the game. So, in case they fall off, break, or injure you or others.

Which are the Best Sports Prescription Glasses?

BLUPOND and Oakley sports eyeglasses can help you perform and play better. Because sport sunglasses are lightweight and have a wraparound frame that is specifically designed for athletics. Polycarbonate lenses make up the materials. Goggles for sports allow you to see well while also protecting your eyes from harm. For high-impact ball and stick sports, ASTM safety ratings are required.

When it comes to finding acceptable eyeglasses, athletes with vision impairments frequently receive the short end of the stick. Without causing headaches or distortion, sports eyewear fulfills the job flawlessly. Oakley for excellent high prescription sports glasses to start seeing better for your next game.

1. BLUPOND Fit over Prescription Sports Eyeglasses

BLUPOND Fit over Prescription Sports Eyeglasses

Flip Up Sunglasses



If you still want to use and wear prescription eyeglasses while having sunglasses at the same time. Try on BLUPOND fitovers. One of the convenient ways to play sports while wearing your glasses.

2. Oakley Sport Eyeglasses Semi Goggles

Oakley Sport Eyeglasses Semi Goggles



For extreme sports, prevent your eyeglasses from slipping off. The detachable sports strap makes it secured on your face from any movements. You can buy this frame and have your optical shop install your high prescription lenses.

What are the List of Disadvantages When Using Eyeglasses in Sports?

  • Against the Rules of the Game
  • Discomfort Due to Sensitivity to Light
  • Loss of the Eyewear During the Game
  • High Possibility of Breakage
  • High Possibility of Injury to the Person
  • Accidents Caused by Specific Medical Concerns
  • Fogged Up Glasses
  • Wet Glasses and the Problem of Focus
  • Fogged Up Glasses

There are many other various reasons why there are disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. As long as you have 20/20 vision, then your sports eyeglasses can help you through. In fact, Prevent Blindness America recommends the use of sports glasses. As a reaction to treating more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries every year. Finally, take another quick look at the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. Then take action to improve your performance in sports.

1. Against The Rules Of The Game

In many active sports, eyeglasses are unacceptable, and the ones in charge will definitely ask you to take them off. Thus, it would be very uncomfortable having to take your eyeglasses off. Also, leaving them behind to your coach and teammates who are not playing. However, the problem is that they may not notice you wearing glasses. Or the people organizing the game may not be that strict. In that case, you get injured with your own eyeglasses.

2. Discomfort Due To Sensitivity To Light Or Tightness Of Fit

Another one of the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. Is that it could lead to brighter glares of the sun. Especially, if you are playing soccer or football outdoors, and you are not used to wearing eyeglasses under the sun. Another problem is that the tight fit of the temples of your eyeglasses may feel uncomfortable. So, it would be difficult if your chosen sport requires running fast. Such as soccer or even lawn tennis.

3. Loss Of The Eyewear During The Game

Whether it is eyeglasses or contact lenses. They may always fall to the ground. So, when you experience a sudden impact as a ball hits you or if someone bumps on you by mistake. The worst part is that people with eye problems may not be able to find their eyeglasses or contact lenses. Hence, when they fall on the grass or even on the floor of an indoor court. If it happens during a fast and furious game, you’re really going to regret wearing them.

4. High Possibility Of Breakage

The great momentum of certain high impact sports like football, soccer or even basketball. Which is another one of the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports? It may break your glasses at any point in the game. Where either a body or a ball hits you on the face. Unless you are wearing sports glasses, you will have to bear a lot of burdens. Since eyeglasses are prone to breakage upon experiencing a great impact.

5. High Possibility Of Injury To The Person

This is where you should realize that wearing glasses during sports could injure. But, not just you but your teammates as well.

6. Hurting Own Eyes

A soccer or rugby ball’s massive impact on one’s face may crush your eyeglasses. And send bits and pieces of the crushed lens into your own eyes. So, this leads to damage to your eyes. But, the worst may lead you to have an operation to remove the pieces of glass debris in your eye. Just take note that sometimes it is not only the lens but also the temples. Or the other parts of the eyeglasses that can scrape your skin or pierce your eyes.

7. Injury to Others

There are situations where sometimes even if you don’t hurt yourself with your glasses, you can still hurt others. For example, if someone accidentally bumps into you while running really fast during a baseball game. Then he might get injured by the sharp temples of your eyeglasses. The end places of your eyeglasses, where the temples are attached to the frame, might scrape skin upon contact. The momentum and impact must be very dangerous to many people. Thus, it is best not to wear any eyeglasses at all. When playing even the most familiar sports that you do.

8. Accidents

Another one of the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. A broken pair of eyeglasses during a soccer game may have more dreadful consequences than what you think. Even though its immediate consequence is the broken eyeglasses, someone suffering from certain eye problems might then cause unnecessary. If someone who has nearsightedness has just broken his glasses. Consequently, he would not be able to see what is going on during the game. So, if the others are too far from him. The problem is that many players with broken eyeglasses still decide to keep playing.

9. Other Possible Problems

Aside from those mentioned above. Another one of the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. There are still so many other incidents where you would normally have problems with your eyeglasses if you wear them in a game. Some of these problems include foggy glasses, sweaty glasses, and the psychological fear of losing one’s glasses.

10. Fogged Up Glasses

At any point in the game, your eyeglasses would get foggy. Especially if you are trying to let out steam literally. The steam might go out of your body through your eyes, and you cannot see a thing. Which makes it one of the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. This is because your eyes would “breathe” on the lenses of your eyeglasses. This gets your lenses fogged up. If this happens in the middle of the game.

Then sometimes the best way to do it is to drop your glasses instead of having to clean them up. In some cases, it is more dangerous because the climate causes it. So, you need to have your glasses cleaned every five minutes, and that must be so uncomfortable. So, this is another one of the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports.

11. Wet Glasses Blurred Vision

If it is not fogged up glasses that are causing the problem among bespectacled players. Then it must be wet eyeglasses. As your sweat trickles down your face and temples, expect some of it to hit your eyeglasses’ lenses. This should then create instant discomfort as well as the tendency to wipe the sweat off the eyeglasses. In case the player cleans his eyewear in the middle of the game. Then it might affect his performance, or he might miss a shot. Because improving your performance and experience in sports relies on your sight.

12. Fear Of Getting Hit

While someone is wearing his sports eyeglass when playing, he cannot help but worry about it for many reasons. This is another one of the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. The anxiety comes from the fact that they are afraid of losing their eyeglasses. Also, to the impact of a speeding ball. The reason is that these people have been told by their doctors to wear their glasses all the time. People who have nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism might, therefore, have more worries. The fears might then drive their focus away from the game.

Using Sports Eye Glasses Like In Soccer When Playing

Is it Okay Using Eyeglasses For Sports?

Wearing simple and cheap Eyeglasses For Sports are highly dangerous if you use them in high impact sports. Even whether or not such a sport involves contact. You have to protect your eyeglasses because they are fragile. Even those who wear sports sunglasses, protect their eyewear. But considering all the disadvantages of using eyeglasses in Sports. The solution to this is the use of sports eyeglasses. Which are specially designed to keep your eyes safe? But, also can comfortably fit regardless of your speed of movement.

Author : Sagi Shiffer
Author : Sagi Shiffer

"People shop for eyewear to make them look fashionable. But wearing polarized lenses can protect your eyes and look stylish at the same time. At Sunglassky, we aim to provide information about tthe best brands of sunglasses and glasses to buy from Amazon store."

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